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Sukkar® Sukkar®Test Strip



We use printed circuit board (PCB) technology with immersion GOLDplating to produce test strips with consistent electrical resistance. As aresult, our strips have a yield rate of over 99.9%. Because of our specialprocessing technique, all our strips do not require coding. They are truly NOCODING. Furthermore, we use a specially designed manufacturing processto have under 5% scrap material wasted on every big panel of test stripsproduced to reduce costs, as compared with other manufacturers whichhave 40~50% scrap. We are one of the first few manufacturers to use apatented design of only applying three layers to form a test strip, an attempthardly achieved successfully before. All these and other design amendmentsallow us to supply the most advanced and most affordable test strips ever.

In order to assure the best and most consistent quality, all our test strips are100% QC checked non-destructively to isolate the defective strips and trim with laser technology to make them useful test strips, which is the first new patented technological process in the world.