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Sukkar® Glucose meter


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Weight 548382413 kg


Our Sukkar® Glucose Meter is very compact and handy as well. Infact, it is a low cost glucose meter but it is one of the most powerful glucosemeters ever present on the market. Though it is compact in size, however, ithas a new auto-eject mechanism to eject a used test strip after test.

Although it is small, however, it has basically everything needed to perform agood blood glucose test, including, but not limited to, blood or controlsolution test, averages, highest or lowest test results, activity markings(Fasting, Before Breakfast, After Breakfast, Before Lunch, After Lunch,Before Dinner, After Dinner, After Snacks, After Exercise, After Medication),as well as insulin type (Rapid Acting, Short Acting, Long Acting, IntermediateActing, Pre-Mixed) and insulin unit markings, etc.Please refer to our Sukkar® Glucose Meter User Manual for moredetails.


Sample Volume:0.8_L
Measuring Range:200-800 mg/dL
Hematocrit Range:30%-55%
Measuring Time:4 seconds
Memory:Stores most recent 1000 blood test results and 250 control test results
Battery Type:Non-rechargeable 3 volt Lithium (DL or CR 2032 )X1
Operating Temperature Range:50F--140F or 10C-40C
Humidity:10%-90% RH
Altitude:10745 ft or 3275 mm
Display:HTN LCD
Strip Type:Accepts sukkar@Test strip
Short Fill Detection:Yes
Dimensions:90 mm(H) x 60 mm(W) x 19.2 mm(T) (To be changed)
Weight:1.53 oz. or 43.4 grams (with battery) (To be changed)
Auto Shut Off:Yes


The Sukkar® Glucose Meter complies with the electromagneticrequirements specified by ISO 15197:2013. Electromagnetic emissions are lowand unlikely to interfere with other nearby electronic equipment, nor areemissions from nearby equipment likely to interfere with the Sukkar® Glucose Meter. Immunity to electrostatic discharge meets therequirements of IEC 61000-4-2. Please do avoid the use of electronicdevices in very dry environments especially if synthetic materials arepresent.